Но мой друг не согласился: "Я никому ничего не должен. На самом деле, как раз наоборот: это они (жёны) забрали у меня всё".

Шен Янь. Без мыслей про обретения и потери – свобода от сансары

Traveling RussiaZen Buddhist school «Zhi Dao» («Path of Awareness»)

«Path of Awareness» (Chinese Zhi Dao, 知道) is a school of traditional Chan (Zen Buddhism), founded by Russian Master Constant Illumination (Chinese Chang Zhao, 常照), a disciple of prominent Buddhist teacher bhikshu Sheng Yen (1930-2009). Constant Illumination is an upasaka (layman) teaching theory and practice of Zen Buddhism in Russia and abroad since 2003.

This web site is intended for spreading information about Zhi Dao Zen school and its activities — for the benefit of all beings!

Chan Master Sheng Yen

Fagushan. The Mission of Master Sheng Yen

Chan Master Constant Illumination

Path of Awareness. The Mission of Master Constant Illumination