Я узнал три основные принципа буддизма: предписания, самадхи (спокойное сосредоточение) и мудрость.

Шен Янь. Автобиография Мастера Шен Яня


Venerable Yan Jian from "Dharma Drum Mountain" (Fagushan) headquarters in Taiwan informs us that the creation of a branch of Zen school "Dharma Drum Mountain" in Russia is cancelled. For now, Taiwan side lacks "of ability in taking care of new association".

From Russian side, as well, no people volunteered who would want and would be able to provide sufficient help in questions of organization. (For example, to arrange place for practice and to spread information).

In the future, when people in Russia would be ready and able to do that, the question of organization of Fagushan branch or an associated Buddhist Center could be re-viewed.

Meanwhile the web site gets renamed from "Fagushan in Russia" (because it wouldn't officially represent that school) into "Zhidao Zen" (by the name of the method of Zhidao, which is a special characteristic of my teaching).

Let our practice help all sentient being to be free from suffering!

Constant Illumination,
2018 August 13th

Constant IlluminationHi there,

Constant Illumination is inviting you to a webinar with Q&A.

We could discuss the contents of the video lessons, clarify details of our practice, for the benefit of all beings.

Time: August 2, 2018 7:00 PM Moscow (length: 40 minutes)


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PS. See video: Mindfulness and Buddha nature

Dharma Teacher Venerable Guo Xing & his assistants, Venerable Yan Guang & Yan Jian
Venerable Yan Guang, Guo Xing & Yan Jian

Recently Dharma Teacher Venerable Guo Xing came to Russia, in order to guide 7-day Chan retreat, 2018 April 30 – May 7. Having significant administrative experience, he advised some interesting ideas on how to spread Zen practice in our country. In particular, it could be helpful to have a united web site on the activities of the followers of Dharma Drum Mountain (Fagushan, 法鼓山) in Russia.

And now this site is in front of you (in its basic, starting form).

If you wish to study and practice Zen, and to help others in that, I invite you to become cohorts.

Don't be shy to express useful questions, ideas, propositions about the web site and other kinds of our activity...

Right now is the time when your help can happen to be really important!

For the benefit of all beings, write.

Layman Constant Illumination, 2018 June 4th, Moscow