Учитель сказал: «Да, это правда, что каждый делает эти дела, но для большинства людей, когда они едят, они не полностью едят, когда они спят, они или в мечтах, или ничего не осознают, когда они идут, их мозги не идут, так что, они где-то ещё. Поэтому большинство людей, на самом деле – не практикующие».

Шен Янь. Вводная беседа

Dharma Teacher Venerable Guo Xing & his assistants, Venerable Yan Guang & Yan Jian
Venerable Yan Guang, Guo Xing & Yan Jian

Recently Dharma Teacher Venerable Guo Xing came to Russia, in order to guide 7-day Chan retreat, 2018 April 30 – May 7. Having significant administrative experience, he advised some interesting ideas on how to spread Zen practice in our country. In particular, it could be helpful to have a united web site on the activities of the followers of Dharma Drum Mountain (Fagushan, 法鼓山) in Russia.

And now this site is in front of you (in its basic, starting form).

If you wish to study and practice Zen, and to help others in that, I invite you to become cohorts.

Don't be shy to express useful questions, ideas, propositions about the web site and other kinds of our activity...

Right now is the time when your help can happen to be really important!

For the benefit of all beings, write.

Layman Constant Illumination, 2018 June 4th, Moscow