Сутра говорит нам, что имеющий идеи сансары никогда не войдёт в великий океан будды. В уме сансары есть идеи о рождении и смерти, обретении и потере, и он наполнен волнениями. Когда мы надеемся достичь счастья и быть свободны от неудач – это ум сансары.

Шен Янь. Без мыслей про обретения и потери – свобода от сансары

Sheng Yen Chan Master Sheng Yen

Chan Master Sheng Yen (1930-2009) in his late years made impression of deep calmness and softness, weightlessness – but, at the same time, overwhelmingly real presence.

He could tear away in a response to a stupid question; and with the same resolution he would step up to you – when seeing that it could bring you benefit.

Serene and swift, he was like a mountain where birds sing and wind moves trees' branches.

His speech earned respect with its precision, brevity and clarity. Rich experience with the practice and curiosity of a scientist helped Sheng Yen to understand the most important things and to explain them to us easily.

An author of over hundred of books, a teacher of hundred thousands of people in two dozen of countries, the founder of remarkable scientific, educational and social establishments, a doctor of Buddhist literature and an influential spiritual leader. All that might seem attainments, from the worldly point of view; but perhaps Bodhidharma would say: "No attainments".

Just a person who took care to learn his true nature. And to live in accordance with it. It's not something exceptional or salient. Completely normal, completely usual person.


Written by Constant Illumination, 2015