Мы не можем пересадить Четыре благородные истины другому человеку, но мы можем, по крайней мере, помочь ему понять некоторые из источников страдания и начать практику Четырёх благородных истин.

Шен Янь. Вращая Колесо Дхармы

Mission Path of Awareness. The Mission of Master Constant Illumination


Before, in order to master Zen practice systematically and completely, one had either to train on one's own (wasting decades on misconceptions), or to travel abroad. But even there, not all the teachers are awake, not all of them can direct a layman of Western culture very skilfully. Now Russian practitioners have a unique opportunity:

  • to undergo complete Zen trainning right here, in Russia,
  • with an awakened master,
  • who have studied particularities of western lay practices from his own experience.

You might ask though: are any studies really necessary? Isn't Zen just being natural?

My explorations have led to the conclusion: humans are not really sapience beings. Defining humans as sapience beings, scientists say that man is characterized by having abstract thinking – i.e., the ability to operate with symbols as abstractions: detached from things and situations which have generated those symbols. For example, an animal can store nuts in a tree hollow. A man can, sitting in a concert hall, think over problems of nuts storage, invent various constructions of hollows and eventually design a fridge.

I.e., man can mentally retain a conception about a situation while not contacting with it; and he can work with such conceptions.

Then why do I say that humans are not sapience beings indeed?

Actually, humans can operate with abstract symbols, but «can operate» does not mean «really mastered». It's just like this: anyone can take an ax, but it doesn't mean he could split firewood well. Anyone can take a saw, but it doesn't mean he could saw wood correctly and wouldn't ruin the saw.

The thinking of most people is similar: we can abstractly operate with symbols (and feelings, for example), but it doesn't mean that we can do that skillfully, in a reasonable way. Sometimes people succeed in such thinking that the results couldn't be called reasonable. For example, every day almost every person manages to act in a way bringing harm to oneself – contrary to one's own interests.

Consider, for example, the information that the humanity depletes natural resources, which leads to unavoidable collapse of the civilization; people pollute the environment, which causes dangerous and heavy illnesses and untimely death. However, having such information, we live as if we hadn't.

Likewise, in private life, people often spin various thoughts and feelings in their head, with zero result; or even with negative result: fatiguing themselves to the depletion of energy, with no useful fruit.

Hence we can say that humans have the opportunity to operate with abstractions, but no valid mastery of such opportunities; no actual skill of abstract thinking.

For example, people often manipulate with actions, stereotypes and labels without understanding of how appropriate they are in that particular case; or how exactly they should be applied in that situation.

Such erroneous behavior can be described as the ineptitude to correlate one's limited cognitive means with the situation as a whole.

In summary: the majority of people – and the culture of the humanity in general – haven't reached any real sapience at all. We are on the stage of coming close to sapience, but still didn't master it. Our life is mostly controlled by considerations of profits (often even mainly not our own, but someone else's profits), biased ideologies, nasty habits, stupid worries, stupid sham and so on.

Thus we can come to a conclusion that it is necessary to develop the culture of ourselves, as well as the humanity in general, to the level of actual sapience. If we could reach that stage, then problems of the humanity and the nature would be having solved; and our private life would go harmoniously and happily.

My personal experience, as well as experience of many others, have shown: the stage of actual sapience is attainable; we can really develop to it.

The task of such development is the most urgent matter on the planet now, because everything else depends on it above all things.

Therefore I made it my life's work to fulfill that task, and I invite everybody to join.

Developing our mental culture, we nurture happiness and wisdom in our own life and in all the life.


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