Однако можно переживать счастье, которое меньше подвержено непостоянству. В частности, такое обсуждаемое Буддой счастье, как радость Дхармы. Чем больше мы практикуем Дхарму, тем больше у нас счастья. Если мы действительно занимаемся Дхармой до полного освобождения, то будем крайне счастливы, даже в восторге.

Шен Янь. Вращая Колесо Дхармы


Fagushan. The Mission of Master Sheng Yen

Being a monk since the childhood, Venerable Sheng Yen learned from many Buddhist Teachers, particularly of China and Japan.

During almost all his life he taught the Teaching of Buddha (Dharma), in order to bring its benefits to all sentient beings.

Through his activities, many people started their Buddhist practice, and in order to facilitate that, an organization was formed – named Fagushan (法鼓山): Dharma Drum Mountain.

To learn about the activities and the guiding principles of Fagushan in English or Chinese, please visit an official international web site: Dharma Drum Mountain.

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Let the study and practice of Dharma flourish in Russia too, for the benefit of all!