Итак, сравните методы Безмолвного Озарения и хуатоу. Разница такова: если использовать образ воды, то в Безмолвном Озарении у вас как бы сосуд с водой, и вы позволяете всей мути просто осесть… и в конце концов вода предельно чиста, прозрачна, и ничего не переживается, это просто чистая вода. Это просветление.

Шен Янь. Вводная беседа

Control Questions 001. Mind Liberation


These questions are intended to check how you have understood the lesson contents. You may add your thoughts to the answers. If your understanding diverges from mine, please explain it when appropriate.

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*1. What is necessary in order to achieve the optimal way of mental functioning?*


*2. Why practice sitting meditation?*


*3. What does characterize the quality of Zen mind?*


*4. What is the essence of Zen?*


*5. How to achieve the quality and the essence of Zen mind?*


*6. What is the simple means to stop the mental whirlwind?*


*7. How is it possible to keep the attention switched from usual thinking [elsewhere]?*


*8. Which kinds of consciousness are regarded in Buddhism as the main constituents of our daily experience?*


*9. How is it possible to reach freedom and flexibility of mind?*


*10. How to open the perception of fullness of life?*


*11. How to cease the habit of being anxious and tense?*